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21 Feb 2013

On getting a fresh start

After several attempts to have a blog, I decided to stick to that one no matter what :)

Here a little summary of what brought me to write this blog:
A young women, lost in what she wanted to do in her life arrived in London 2 and a half years ago thinking she would stay only for 8 months being an au pair. But you know what they say "Once you lived in London you never wanna leave it". Well, they were right. In that amazing city she found what she wanna do and what she loves: fashion world! And she also found love... Love that leaded to being engaged a year after they met and having the most wonderful baby girl a year and 4 months after this meeting :)

My life changed a lot and more quickly that I could ever imagine, and it's not gonna stop, so I decided to share it with you dear blogosphere :) Hoping that you will enjoy it.

My gorgeous daughter (Chloe) and I (Lorene) enjoying the sun on Tuesday in Highbury Fields, London

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