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7 Aug 2013

On Ice Lollies for your babies

Hey guys!

I am finally making the post about those ice lollies, yeeeaaay!!! 
July have been a quite warm month (Finally!!!), so V and I were eating a lot of ice cream, we didn't think very much at first and were just eating them in front of Chloe, who obviously wanted to try it then.. But obviously I want to avoid those kind of nasty things for her.. So I looked around and found in my Annabel Karmel's book a recipe for ice lollies. Soooo simple!! And Chloe loves it. Not only it helps her to refresh a bit during this heat, but it also helps her with her teeth coming through - did I tell that she finally got a tooth??!! On my birthday haha :p  Anyway, she also wants her food cold, not hot or warm, not even a teeny tiny bit warm, just cold xD  So ice lollies are perfect for her.

So I'm just gonna share it with you guys. Be prepared, this is the easiest thing EVER!

Here is what you will need:

Some fruits, here I followed Annabel Karmel's recipe. She says to use 1/4 of watermelon, 60g of raspberries and 40-50g of icing sugar for 8 lollies. I just did with feeling for quantities and didn't put any sugar as I prefer Chloe to taste more natural flavours and avoid "covering" tastes.

Obviously you will need some ice lolly moulds. Here's a little tricks I read on reviews: once it will be frozen, pass them under hot water before to separate them or some part of them will break. It did the trick for me ;) - I even tested the broken part haha.

And the last tool, a blender.
And here's what you need to do:

Cut the flesh from the watermelon and remove the seeds.

Put the raspberries and watermelon pieces in your blender.

Mix them all together.

Put the mixture in your moulds.

Et voila :)  You have nice, healthy, guilt free ice lollies for your baby that they will enjoy :)

I've basically used it everyday since, making them with different fruits, and even put a green smoothie in them once and some yogurt ones another time.

(Recipe credit to Annabel Karmel)

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