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20 May 2013

On catching up - C turned 6 months

Chloe also turned 6 months old 2 weeks ago! Whaaaaat!! 6 months old??!!! TWO weeks ago??!! Already?! Please, someone, do something!! She also started to seat all by herself. That baby girl surprises me every day! The last night my sister was here V called me in C's bedroom where they were all 3 together, C was sat by herself for few seconds, a bit wiggly but still all new and without any help. She went from not being able to seat except on us when we hold her to seat for few seconds by herself. But the most impressive thing is that she hasn't stop since then. In one week of time she was sitting for long stretches – like 20 minutes. She now spends her time seating, I can not put her on her back or tummy anymore. That is not gonna help for crawling etc lol. But the seating thing is such a progress in itself that it doesn't bother me that much for now. Also, it is SO useful!! I can just seat her down on the floor in her playpen where she is surrended by all her toys and she is really happy for a while, grabing every toy that she can and playing with them. It gives me time to be able to cook without a baby crying in her bouncer or do other things I need to do that used to be so hard to do.
She is also in a no-no phase lately, which is soooo adorable!! She keeps shaking her head like if she is saying “no” with her cute cheeky smile. Gosh I love her :)

C and her favourite singing book :)  - In French

And here are some pictures from one of the only two days I got to enjoy the sun we got for only a week or two while I was ill. Also the first time C was coming out of her pram while in the park, so kind of her first time in the park for real xD  And first experience with the grass :)  She enjoyed a lot to be on the grass playing with her toys and having her snack there :)  Can't wait for the sun to come back... Please please dear sun come back soon, we miss you a lot in London!

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