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18 May 2013

On catching up :)

Hi everyone!

I can't believe I've been out of blogging for so long. I am so sorry about it. Let's catch up :)

My sister came beginning/mid of April, which was so lovely to have her here!! She came only 3 times before and it always was in hurry or not able to move much so I was really glad to be able to show her London a bit more and it felt good to see things with “tourists eyes” again :) We had lots of fun, lots of chocolate – catching up with Easter :p – and lots of Monopoly games – so much that she almost missed her coach for Lille.

Unfortunately, this is how the reason why I didn't post started: Chloe started to have a cough the day before Anais came, then V started to got sick the day after she arrived, and it followed... I personally recovered only a couple of days ago!! 3 weeks, THREE whole weeks of being sick!! I even missed most of the sun in London... I got to enjoy it 2 or 3 days just to be back to what seemed to be an eternal illness, in worse xD But enough of complains, now I'm back to my old and healthy me :D – thanks to French doctors!

That sweetie pie just adore her Auntie, this is SO adorable! :)

It's quite hard for us to get a picture the 3 of us, especially if we are out and about as we usually are only together, too bad C was asleep when my sister took the pic and that we couldn't take her out of the pram ^^

A also got "addicted" to Starbucks muhahaha :p  Gosh I love my sister, I hope I'll give C a sissy so  she can have that special link. I miss her so bad!

That poor little thing was ill and slept the whole time we were at Camden Market - aka a couple of hours, which usually never ever happens.

C giving kisses ^^

Also, a couple of days after Anais left, V turned 27 years old. We celebrated it just the 3 of us as we were all sick and his family got scared to be contaminated xD  But we still had a lovely day filled with love :) ...

... and a deliciouuuuus cake.

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