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17 Jul 2013


She got this toy for her 8 months "birthday" and she really adores it :D

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry for being MIA for so long! I had a bit of an issue: an overloaded computer who refused my pictures for almost a month!! Anyway, it is fixed now and I can finally post :)

So, last month I decided to start a project of making one picture a day in manual. It's been a little while I've wanted to improve it and after seeing a couple of those kind of projects, seeing videos about it by Click it up a notch and reading some of her posts I finally decided to go for it. I also thought it was an amazing way of seeing Lizzie growing. Idea that my mom kind of had at her birth but after a C-section I wasn't really up for taking one picture a day etc xD  Hopefully my pictures will improve a lot within this year. Obviously some days will be horrible and won't look like nothing, but hey, it happens to everyone I guess xD  Also, as I don't want to spam this blog with one picture everyday - and with some not very good - I will put one a week instead. Every Monday you will have a picture from the past week - obviously this week is neither Monday and you won't have only one as I started this project on 1st of July, hence I have 2 weeks to catch up I think xD

All comments are more than welcome - except the useless ones - wether it is to give your opinion, good or bad, as long as bad one is constructive; to give some advice, which I would love to hear; or some ideas etc..

Hope you'll this new serie of posts :)


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