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15 Mar 2013

On Bensimon tennis shoes.

Paris, 2008
It's been a couple of weeks that I keep thinking about buying a pair of Bensimon, I guess the fact that it was so nice in France when we went we reminded me how nice it is to wear them in Spring/Summer - not ideal at all for rain though! I found them so cute and comfy to wear. And big plus, the original ones are really affordable. Now I just need to figure out which colour to choose xD - I have time though with the weather we got lately in London..
Here is a selection of the colours I love, don't know yet which one to pick. I already had white and khaki so I prefer to have an other one that I already had.
Turquoise, Watermelon, Yellow, Mint, Orange, Neon blue, Coral.

And Oh my god, they do it for kids as well!!! How cute are those tiny teeny little shoes??!!  Can't wait to get some to Chloe!! :D  Will need to wait for next spring though I think, they start at size 23.
Neon blue, Lemon colorpiping, Dots, Pink.


  1. Bensimons are so comfy and colourful, having them in each colour would be just fun. Let's add Parisian chic to our style! x

    1. Having them in each colour would be AMAZING!! I would love that :p