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10 Mar 2013

On breastfeeding / kid-friendly places

Chloe and I came back from our trip to France on Thursday night. Unfortunately we are both sick.. I think she is getting better already and I thank breastfeeding and her new amber necklace for it xD
As I don't feel like doing a long article to tell you guys about our trip, I thought about talking of something I noticed: the difference way people sees breastfeeding, how places are differently kid friendly..

So as you probably know I am french, all my family is still living there - excluding two uncles. I am now living in Uk, London to be more precise. I first notice the huge difference on breastfeeding and stuff when Chloe was born, as here in UK they put a huge pressure on you to breastfeed. The other thing was my mum starting to put a pressure on me to start giving formula to Chloe when she turned 3 months old and now starting to talk about solid food. But I have to say that I noticed a bigger difference when I went to France with Chloe: France is so not kid friendly AT ALL!! I haven't been in a lot of restaurant or cafes, but where we went there was no place for changing babies.. The only solution to change Chloe was outside - what seemed to shock a lady, which is weird when you think that she probably isn't shocked by topless women on beaches during summer or of nudist camps, but changing a baby nappy that has only pee outside when it's sunny and 19 degrees seems shocking.. - if we didn't want to go in McDonalds' dirty toilets. I also realised that over there you don't see any women breastfeeding in public, that would be shocking I guess. In UK this isn't uncommon to see women with nursing scarves breastfeeding their babies in restaurants.. You have lots of places where you can also breastfeed them in special places, such as in Westfield and their parents rooms, places where to change your babies etc..

I just thought I would share it with you and see what you guys think?
Are the places where you are are kids friendly? Is it shocking in your country if you see a woman breastfeeding her baby in a public place with a scarf or something?

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