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2 Mar 2013

On Chloe and how she turned 4 months already!

So 2 days ago Chloe turned 4 months (or was it today? As there is no 30th on February this is not an easy thing to know..) and she started to act like she never did, I don't know what came to her xD  First, she started by ignoring my mum on Skype, what she never did before. She usually is so happy to see her, staring at her image on the computer, smiling and trying to "get in the computer" lol And that pretty much since my mum left and that Chloe gave real smiles.. - so when she was about a month old. But suddenly she turned 4 months and she decided to look everywhere else than the screen. And not only that, when she looked at the screen she gave a look like "what are you doing here, leave me with my mum alone", before to pretend being hungry.. She acted a bit the same with V in the evening. She is doing this thing of putting her arms up so I could say "WOW you're s taaaalll!!" and yesterday when V was doing it she was either looking at him with a look saying "YOU don't say that, it's MAMA's thing" or starting to cry xD  Our little princess is becoming possessive and jealous and wants me only for her xD  Let's hope that it is just a phase :)

Yesterday Chloe did the cutest thing in the bath: laughing - with her fingers in her mouth in the same time xD - for almost 10 minutes!! She's been laughing before but is was quite rare when she was, even though she is such a smiley little girl. And when she was, it was just a couple of times and then she would stop. Yesterday I would just say "Papa" in a high pitched voice and she would just keep laughing. Such a cutie! :)  Everytime she turns one more month she comes up with a new thing, it's like she's been waiting for that exact day to show it to us :)

Tomorrow afternoon we are going for about 4 days to France for Grand Mother's day. Yeeeaaaay!!! I can't wait to show my little girl to everyone and show her the city where I grew up and lived so much things!! I am so excited... and nervous in the same time!! The longest that Chloe stayed in "trains" is 15 mins!! We'll have a whole hour and half, plus the ear blocking thingy for quite a while.. Hopefully she'll stay for a while on my breast or the bottle and will behave! We will be in the family area so people should be more understandable, plus Chloe loves babies/kids, people in general actually. Doing a trip by train with luggage and all by myself with such a young baby is really stressing me out. But hopefully I'll come back with some tips to share with you ;)  I wish V could come with us.. :(

Anyone has some tips on how to travel with a young baby? Whether it is by train or by plane? I'd love to hear them! How old were your baby/kid(s) the first time you took them on a trip? Was it by car, train or plane? How was it?

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