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11 Mar 2013

On my first Mother's Day :D

Well, this mother's day wasn't quite like I imagined it to be honest. As I said in the previous post, Chloe and I came back ill from France. Chloe was much better, but I woke up on Sunday with my voice completely broken and not feeling well enough at all to do what I planned. Because I planned my mother's day a couple of months ago xD  We were supposed to go to the V&A, my favourite museum in London - also one of my favourite area, the first one where I lived - , have lunch there and spend the afternoon in the museum. I'm sure Chloe would have LOVE it as well. Unfortunately I didn't feel like taking the tube for more than half hour.

However, V was really sweet!! He did all the cooking the whole day, took Chloe for a walk so I got to get a bath for almost an hour!! I got viennoiseries in the morning - including a croissant!! - , freshly bought in store, and candies :p  We then went to Spitafields market for a couple of hours to get lunch and wander around - even though I didn't feel like go all the way to South Kensington, staying at home felt a bit boring and Westfield just as much. I even got a Starbucks on the way there - you will quickly notice how addicted I am to Starbucks xD.

I also got an amazing present: a tripod and remote. So now Chloe and I can take pictures together without needing V to come home and ask him to take pictures and end up feeling awkward xD

Even though I have those moments lately where I feel already nostalgic of tiny teeny little Chloe and think she is growing too fast, I can't wait to the mother's days to come when she will prepare things like drawings or handmade things :D

I hope you enjoyed your mother's day! What did you do? How was your very first mother's day?

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  1. Sounds lovely! Congrats!

    : signe