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1 Jun 2013

On our bank holiday week end last week :)

Last week end was a long bank holiday week end in UK. It also was Mother's Day in France - yep I kinda get 2 Mother's Day muhahaha, even though we celebrate it mostly for the UK one. And even though it didn't last, it also was a warmer, sunny and so nice weather within the week end. So on Sunday we went to the park, my favourite park by far in London, Kensington Gardens. I wanted to take Chloe and V to the Diana Memorial Playground and make Chloe try the swings, unfortunately the queue to get in was for at least 40 minutes. Even though it is a nice playground I thought it didn't worth it with an almost 7 months old baby girl, we wouldn't have stay that long anyway. Instead we walked a bit around the park and stop for a little while which was so lovely! Then we went down the street where I used to live while I was an au pair, until the museums and took the tube back home after grabbing a Starbucks. We went back there on Monday to have a Museums day, an hour in V&A - my favourite museum in London - and Natural History Museum. That was a perfect week end for me :)  And we even got to be with Papa for a bit longer than usually :p
Looking forward to our holidays to South of France in a couple of days!

Here are some pictures if you wanna see :)

Those little chubby hands are just the most adorable ones ever. I'm totally addicted to those and her feet :p

Like mama like daughter haha :p

Pictures in mirrors are the only way for us to have a picture all together when we are out of the flat. 
Ps. V&A toilets in the cafe look so posh and vintage, I love them!

Tomorrow we are heading to South of France. Hopefully we'll have some sun and warm weather. Because the weather in London has been quite pathetic and a real despair to me lately! Seriously, it's supposed to be spring and it's almost as cold as this winter... Also, tomorrow will be Chloe's first time in a plane. I'll let you know how it went ;)

Have a lovely week :)

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