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26 Jun 2013

On our first holidays as a family Part IV

Here are the "non-portrait" pictures. I thought at first that it would be a good idea to put all of them in different parts, and hesitated for a while.. I'm not sure it is such a good idea anymore, what do you think? Shall I do it like that again next time or just mix them?

Anyway, South of France is one of my favourite place, it is just amazing!! So so so pretty!! My dream always been to have a holiday house there :p  How nice that would be... Having our little home down there and to be able to go once or twice a week....

Here are a couple of pictures from Grasse, such a lovely town! Too bad we didn't have such a nice weather. My grandma is literally living down this hill where Grasse is, and her friends and her always say "You want to know where Grasse is? Look at the clouds, Grasse is always the only place around with big clouds". Well, we experienced it very well this time when we went there xD  We even had thunder while on the bus back, which sounds much louder and scarier up there!
The thing I found quite funny there is that everything seemed terribly far to my grandma and others. If we were asking until where we could walk to get a bus from there and make it easier, the answer was "oh no you can't walk, it's too far, you can't catch a bus on the way". Which actually made us loose quite a lot of time at the end as people kept telling us to go aaaaall the way to Cannes, where we had to wait for 45 minutes before a bus arrived - with a real jerk for driver! Nothing do with the one on the way back - and have this bus that was for about 50 minutes... On the way there we realised that we could have stopped earlier from the first bus, but we'll know for next time ;)

I've always been and still am completely in love with those things on windows!!

I've been also really surprised by the beauty of Nice! I don't why at all but I didn't think I'd love it that much. I probably thought it would like centre of Cannes, which I don't like that much to be honest.

Very very unfortunately, those two pictures are the only ones we got from Monaco :(  That is such a shame because it is craaaazily pretty!!! We could have stay there for a whole day I think but couldn't stay longer than half hour to an hour. And my camera's battery died exactly 2-3 minutes after we came out of the station... We had my phone, which was lucky as I wasn't using it over there cos no internet or anything, but I couldn't put the pictures on my computer yet - no more space on it after 3 years :o

And here are a couple of picture from Le Chateau de La Napoule which is on my favourite beach around my grandma's place, and the beach where we were going every two days at least.

Oh dear South of France, I miss you so so much already!! See you next time ;)

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