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25 Jun 2013

On our first holidays as a family Part III

I am so sorry it took me forever to finish this post and finally finish it about our holidays - I'm sorry you probably don't wanna hear about it anymore, especially since we came back 2 weeks ago already... I have been working on a little project for my mum and grandma to thank them for receiving us there and squeezing in this tiny flat, as they didn't want us to pay for anything over there we thought a nice photo book with all the pictures from those holidays would be a present they'd love. But holy cow! It's taking forever! 

Anyway, we took Chloe for the first time to the playground and actually got on some of those swings etc, and she loved it :)  It was adorable!! I can't wait to go more often and seeing her playing for real - The Olympic Park is opening in about a month, yeeeeaaaaaay!!!!! I can't wait!!!
Here are some pictures from our 2 last days.

Her first meal at the restaurant, she's been sooo good!! She is such a perfect well behaved little girl wherever we go, fingers crossed she'll stay like that :)

Such a cutie smile to her Grandma <3

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