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17 Jun 2013

On our first holidays as a family Part II

Hi everyone! We are back with a new post with our pictures from our holidays and a bit more of our adventures :)

That little girl adores her daddy. And gosh I love them both

Doesn't she look so happy on the beach? :)

So here she is, our baby girl, going on the sea for the very first time. Apparently some are scared? Well, she was not at all!! We kind of had a hint of how much she loves water with her bath, but I mean, sea is not a bath! And that could get a bit scary with all the waves, the fact that the water is much colder etc... But not her! She was even very happy as you can see. One of our last days I even sat her down in the water and she loooooved it!! We then went a bit further down in the sea and put more of her body in the water and she really enjoyed it. Sadly, we don't have any pictures or videos as we went just the 3 of them to the beach and as I went first by myself those were she was sitting could not happen. I then asked kindly to someone on the beach near us if he could keep an eye on our staff, but same thing, we were all in the water so I didn't wanna risk my camera...
Anyway, I can't wait to start our Water Babies classes in September, I am sure that she is gonna love it and have so much fun :)  I'll make sure to let you more about it once we've started ;)

V and I went to spend a day to Nice. I've never been there before and it totally worth the price from Mandelieu or simply to visit, it is so pretty!! We also went to Monaco as our train tickets allowed us to travel the whole day anywhere in the region. I haven't put any pictures from on my computer yet as I needed to use my phone - no more battery in my camera exactly when we came out of the train :( - but it is MA-GNI-FICIENT!!! We completely fell in love with it!! The view, the city, the people - for what we've seen in about half hour to an hour xD  We now just need to get extremely rich and famous to get our holiday house there as I think V would rather have it there than anywhere else in South of France - from what he's seen for now.

Those pictures where taken during a visit of castle on the La Napoule's beach - my favourite one by far in my grandma's area. The view from the castle's garden, and it's gardens are sooo pretty!! And it actually was the day we've sat Chloe in the sea xD

Having a picture of the 3 of us is actually quite rare and difficult..

And that's what that young lady was doing while V and I were visiting: enjoying some time with her grandma and Boushka (my grandma) :) Going to the park, having walks, going shopping or just chilling in my grandma's appartment.

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