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14 Jun 2013

On our first holidays as a family Part I

Hello everyone! I hope you are all alright :)
We just came back 2 days ago from our trip to South of France which was FAN-TAS-TIC! I am apologising for those who don't really wanna see all our photos but I may over post with pictures xD Hey after all going from more than 400 pictures to almost 40 is not that bad, is it? However, I'm going to post them with different posts over the week, otherwise you would over scroll to look at the pictures and it would be no fun ^^

Here she was, our perfect little angel sleeping almost the whole time during her first flight. We woke her up at 3 am - poor thing, I felt terrible going in her bedroom and taking her out of her comfy bed to go out take a cab - and she didn't even cry once. Well maybe she did, but only half hour before our plane took off as banged her head - poor thing again :( - on the table in the cafe where we sipped our coffees as quickly as we could to then run to the boarding. Anyway, the ear thingy didn't bother her at all once again, we even had the impression it made her laugh sometimes.

We arrived to a very sunny and warm Nice, how lovely! It felt so nice to have a bit of sun and warmth! And we were so happy to see my Grandma and my Mom!! I don't know how I did it as I didn't even have a nap during the day and was awake since 1 or 2 in the morning.. 

In the afternoon we went down the river next to my Grandma's flat, right until the beach, yeeeaaay!!

Look at that cutie pie, she woke up on the beach from her nap and was sooo happy :)  Apparently some kids/babies are scared of beach/sea at first. But not this one :)

Also, she adores standing on her feet!

The day after we arrived, V and I took off to Grasse - by bus, which took foreeeever!! I really do need to get my license!! Even though it was a bit more cloudy, raining when we left, it was a lovely day! Such a pretty city! - Don't worry there will have some landscape pictures, only in an other post during the week ;) .

I love this face <3

V never can believe how tiny normal coffees are in France haha ^^  So obviously we needed to have pictures with those. They were delicious though.

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